FAMA 2018

FAMA is consolidated with International Launch

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FAMA is consolidated with International Launch

Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, United States, Netherlands, Italy, Palestine, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. These thirteen countries, together with Brazil, were represented at the international launch of FAMA 2018 - World Alternative Water Forum, held in September 25th, at the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo, in the city of São Paulo – Brazil.

The launch was the milestone of the constitution of an International Coordination of FAMA, which undertakes to work alongside the National Coordination for the construction of the Alternative Forum in all continents, in the various actions of articulation, dissemination, construction of agenda and funding of resources. FAMA will be held in March next year in Brasilia – Brazil.

"FAMA is the only joint space in the world as opposed to the 'Forum of Corporations', called the World Water Forum, which will also be held in March in Brasilia," explained the member of the FAMA Brazil Coordination, Edson Aparecido da Silva, when you open the event.

Launching act reaffirmed priority to the right to water



The Alternative World Water Forum will take place on March in Brasilia – Brazil -, at the University of Brasilia’s campus.

It is a democratic event aiming to gather organisations and social movements from all over the world that struggle in defence of water as an elementary right to life.

See here manifesto below.
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